Havana Japanese Restaurant

Havana’s Only Japanese Restaurant Just Opened – And They Could Use Your Help!

Cuba is an incredibly popular vacation destination for Canadians because vacation packages are cheap.  Havana, in particular, is very interesting – it’s full of culture, dancing, art, architecture, and interesting people. During our stay in Havana, we met many locals, got familiar with the local art scene, and tried out some of the newest restaurants. […]

Lake Louise Hiking

A Little Off The Beaten Path At Lake Louise, Banff

Lake Louise is one of Canada’s most famous tourist destinations, and probably a must-see for all visitors to Canada. Many tourists flock to the front of Chateau Lake Louise to snap several photos, enjoy the view, and then leave, but there’s much more adventure behind the lake! Many take a walk towards the back of the […]


We May Have Found The Most Difficult Word For Japanese To Pronounce

Do you ever wonder why Tim Horton’s “Rrroll Up The Rim” contest have three R’s And two L’s? Tim Hortons has an annual contest named “Rrroll Up The Rim To Win” where you roll your coffee cup rim to win prizes.  If you’re feeling really Canada otaku, here’s some interesting information about the game. The “Rrroll […]

Harvey's Angus Burger

Canadian Fast Food Restaurant Secrets

Ready to gain weight?  In this post, we’ll help you get the most value out of your Canadian fast food binge through advice straight from our Canadian correspondents! McDonald’s You can get a free coffee refill at McDonald’s if you don’t leave the restaurant (take out).  Depending on where you go, you might get one […]

Roll Up The Rim Frustration

How To “Roll Up The Rim To Win” At Tim Hortons!

Rolling up the rim to win is a time-honoured annual tradition for Canadians. However, it’s a known fact that it’s really annoying to try to unroll a rim.  Nails have been broken.  Teeth gaps have been uncomfortably filled with wax paper.  In fact, you can actually buy a special pocket tool to help you roll up the […]

Edamame And Canned Beans

The Children’s Beans Poem

Here’s a common poem children tend to recite in Canada.  We like it because when translated to Japanese, it sounds incredibly stupid! Beans, beans are good for your heart! The more you eat, the more you fart! The more you fart, the better you feel, So eat your beans at every meal!   In Japanese: […]